Man shares storage tip to make potatoes last up to 10 weeks – without fridge or cupboard

If you are looking to make your potatoes last longer, then you are in luck.

A man has revealed his unusual method for storing potatoes which he says helps spuds to last up to 10 weeks – and anyone can use it.

Sharing his advice, Mike from Kitchen Tips Online started with a list of dos and don’ts.

First up, he debunked the suggestion you should store your potatoes in a fridge.

“We’ve all heard it before – maybe Grandma told you – ‘put your potatoes in the fridge,” he said. “Well, that’s actually not a good idea because potatoes don’t like a cold temperature.”

He added: “Potatoes prefer a temperature of between four and 10 degrees Celcius. And also, potatoes like humidity.”

Mike warned light can also lead your potatoes to develop a green coating, which “is actually toxic”.

Instead, he recommended storing spuds you want to save in a dry, dark place.

For those who have a cellar or basement, Mike said this is a great option.

He explained: “When I used to live in Ohio, I used to put my potatoes in a basement, in a bin, and they would last routinely for eight to 10 weeks.”

But if you don’t have this option, he shared another storage tip that can help potatoes “last just as long”.

Talking of his favourite current method, Mike said: “What I do is use a cooking or baking tray with a rack.

“I put the potatoes – unwashed, don’t wash the potatoes and disrupt the skin – and distribute them equally on the tray and I put the pan in a drawer in my kitchen.”

He added that you should also remove the potatoes from any plastic packaging before storing them.

“I assure you, you should never keep potatoes in the original plastic bag they came in,” Mike explained.