Woman admits she’s fed up of feeling ‘lesser than’ because she doesn’t have kids

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to highlight the injustices she feels as though she has faced because she has chosen to be child-free.

She claims nobody seems to care about her achievements because they do not involve children.

The woman explained that something really important to her is happening at the moment, but nobody she knows seems very interested.

She wrote: “Am I being unreasonable to think your life and achievements are treated as ‘lesser than’ when you don’t have kids?

“It’s true – can we accept and acknowledge these disgusting subliminal societal messages that MOST of us put out there.

“Something very important to me is going on right now – one of the most important things in my life for a while, but no one seems interested.

“Unless it’s a child’s birthday or the birth of a child it appears…no one cares once you get to a certain age. Is this it forever? Unless my life is about a child no one will care?

“I’ve had enough of feeling lesser than because I decided not to procreate (or can’t).

“People need to really be much kinder and more sensitive to people that don’t have kids whether it’s choice or circumstance.

“Parents, please stop being d**ks to non-parents and treating them like they’re not as important as you. It sucks.”

Many people replied to the thread suggesting the original poster needed to find a better, more well-rounded group of friends.

“You need some different friends with a wider scope of interests. I’m sorry that your milestones are not being celebrated by those close to you”, one commented.

Others suggested there are injustices for every group of people, with another writing: “If you don’t have kids, you hear the phrase ‘of course, it’s alright for you …’

“If you do have kids, you tend to be ‘so and so’s mother’ instead of a person in your own right.

“If you are a stay-at-home mum, you’re looked down on as somehow inferior, you aren’t earning your keep.”

Someone else agreed with that sentiment, saying: “It’s s**t being a woman whatever choices or you make or whatever decisions are made for you by nature or whatever.

“Women with kids with face similar shite to you, just in some other way shape or form.”

“Not my experience. Last meal with four female friends was mostly career chat”, a different user remarked.