Woman obsessed with Barbie spends nearly £170,000 turning her house pink

She’s a Barbie girl in the Barbie world – and the colour of that world is distinctly pink.

Not only does she have the pink palace and car – this real-life Barbie even comes with a real-life Ken doll.

The iconic doll is now 63 and is still going strong, despite complaints over the years that she pandered to sexist stereotypes.

Now one superfan has shared how their obsession with the doll has influenced every aspect of their life – and made them into an Instagram sensation.

Bruna Barbie, from Curitiba, Paraná in Brazil, who used to work as a lawyer, was first nicknamed Barbie in school and it stuck.

Now the model and influencer, who has a law degree, is making a living simply thanks to loving all things pink.

Following complaints, doll makers Matell now produce versions of Barbie in a wide variety of sizes, colours and shapes – after the original blonde dell was held up for promoting an unrealistic body image.

One researcher even discovered that the plastic doll, standing at 11½ inches tall, would not be able to walk if she was human.

But Bruna insists she doesn’t copy Barbie and instead uses her as inspiration – while her boyfriend, model Dienisson Gemelli, even wears pink with her.

She said: “I have normal expenses she has are normal expenses for anyone. But I don’t try to be Barbie, I’m just hugely inspired by her.

“I also love Elle Woods from Legally Blonde as well as Paris Hilton as she wears a lot of pink.

“My boyfriend loves that I wear the colour pink as he thinks it’s girly and fun – sometimes he even wears it with me.

“Luckily, I don’t face comments from many trolls. In the past, I’ve been criticised for the fact that I wear pink, but nowadays the critics have diminished, because we live in a world of more diversity.

Bruna shares her day-to-day ‘pink life’ on Instagram – including glimpses into her very pink home.

The influencer says she has been in love with the colour pink since she was a child, and has spent more than £160,000 turning her home completely pink – including the water of her swimming pool.

Her bedroom, appliances, kitchen utensil, bathroom, clothes, glasses, shoes are also bright pink.

Then in 2021, she bought herself a pink car – the exact same Barbie toy car that Barbie creator Mattel released.

She said: “With my successful work as a digital influencer, I started making a lot of money.

“Then I saw the possibility of building a house inspired by Barbie and inspired by my pink style.

“My home is a place where wishes come true, where imagination is transformed into sweet, pink and unparalleled experiences and where fantasy goes hand in hand with the real world.

“I managed to make one of my dreams come true, having a doll house, that’s right, I have a whole pink house.

“I have no idea how much I have spent in total, but at the beginning of the construction and decoration I had already spent more than one million reais (£158,700).”

On TikTok, Bruna is one of the 10 most followed Brazilians. She has more than 18.3 million digital followers on the app.

It all started in 2006 when Bruna started sharing photos of her pink looks on VibeFlog and in 2009 on Orkut – a social networking service owned by Google.

Once she built up a following, she started making YouTube videos for her fans.

Bruna said: “I starteton VibeFlog – sharing photos of my day-to-day with my pink looks and before I knew it, I started to get popular on the internet. I didn’t really think too much about it.

“Then in 2009 I joined Orkut and ran five profiles; my followers started asking me to create a YouTube account.

“Until then I’d only really shared photos of my pink outfits but soon after, I decided to take the leap and make some videos for YouTube. I started sharing my pink life more and more.”

After that, Bruna’s following skyrocketed and more social media opportunities started coming her way.

She said: “I was getting busier and busier running my social media. I didn’t have to give up my law career for my pink career but I definitely had to pause it.

“I was growing as a digital influencer and it wasn’t possible to reconcile the two jobs.

“I soon realised I wanted to share my passion for the colour pink and my inspiration from the Barbie doll with the world.”